Payroll Management

Servicecare Pvt Ltd was established in Bangalore in 2011. The Company had its humble beginnings with a small group of dedicated people and has ever since grown to become one of India's leading Facility Management Services Company. Over the years through its perseverance and persistence in the market, the Company has flourished manifold and has since expanded its operations network throughout India.

The Company has an enormous group of efficient & skilled manpower, confident of undertaking a wide range of services. Besides Facility management Services, the Company has also diversified its operations to manage Payroll and its allied services through its highly talented & proficient personnel.

Customer satisfaction is founded on capable employees who are engaged in their jobs and motivated by being part of a strong team. All our employees are trained in the delivery of clearly defined and operational service concepts that suits the customer's requirements. Our team of core Professionals provide Quality Service with prime focus on our Customers. It is this prime focus that has bonded our Customers to a level of great satisfaction.

Servicecare employees create value by working as integrated members at our clients' organisations. A key component of the Servicecare Human Resources Stratergy is to develop capable employees in all functions. Team spirit and self-governance are primarily encouraged.

Besides developing its employees, Servicecare also ensures compliance with Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) regulations.

Services Overview

  • Payroll Management

  • Janitorial Services

  • Residence Cleaning

  • Commercial Contract Cleaning

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